Strategic Plan 2015-18


Rotary Club of Tamworth Mission:
We are a service organisation doing good in the world.

Our Values

  • We endorse the Rotary International values of Service, Fellowship, Diversity, Integrity and Leadership.
  • We follow the creed “Service above Self”, and we adhere to the Rotary Four Way Test.
  • We are friendly and welcoming to all.
  • We pursue excellence in all that we do.
  • We share the load and work as a team, whilst recognising the contributions of each of our members.
  • We share ideas, talents and experience to create solutions.
  • We value diversity of membership.

Where are we now?

  • We have 41 members.
  • We have an 80% attendance rate.
  • Membership growth however is growing slowly and our average age is beginning to fall. 75% are 60 years of age and over and 44% are 70 years of age and over.
  • We have 31 male members and 10 female members.

Where do we want to be in 1 year

  1. Develop strategies that support newly retired people into Rotary with the aim of getting 2 new members join the club.

This goal will be led by the Board and focuses on exploring and implementing opportunities to build better interaction and engage people who are newly retired and are soon to retire.  This focus includes:

  • Networking with Tamworth Regional Council with their volunteer referral service.
  • Develop an eye-catching brochure for distribution.
  • Exploring the potential for better utilisation of social media and our website.
  1. Keeping members better informed of upcoming events and activities
  • Keeping members better informed through the weekly bulletin and weekly announcements and club meetings.
  • Encourage active participation in activities (e.g. Book and plant sale – both sorting and preparation, involvement in fundraising activities, Breakfast Café and Graffiti removal activities.
  1. Have one meeting per month away from J&L Restaurant.

During the summer months go to the book sorting container every 4th Tuesday with a
take-away meal to be delivered (pizza, Chinese etc.)

  1. Continue looking for opportunities to serve the community.

Where do we want to be in 3 years?

We have two main goals that we will aim to achieve over the next three years:

  1. To build upon our program of major service projects and events. We intend to achieve this Goal by:
  • Maintaining the Tamworth Book/Plant annual fundraising event. Our aim is to continue working within our arrangements in delivering this signature community event for the community. Funds raised will be used to support local charities and volunteer organisations in the Tamworth area.
  • Providing an affordable food choice for the Tamworth County Music Festival fundraising event. Funds raised from this event will be used to support a local Tamworth charity or volunteer organisation, on a rotating basis as agreed by club members and the Board.
  • Other activities including: Breakfast Café, Multicultural Tamworth and Dungowan Motor Show.
  1. To develop strategies that support youth into Rotary. This goal will be led by the Board and focuses on exploring and implementing opportunities to build better interaction and engagement with young members of the community. Potential opportunities may include:
  • Supporting the Interact Club within Tamworth High School
  • Exploring the potential for Rotary Exchange students
  • Supporting students with National Youth Science Forum and Public Speaking Competition.

How do we intend to achieve our Club’s Ambition and Goals?

  • By working hard to maintain a strong, diverse membership base so that the club continues to be well served by enthusiastic people with a wide range of skills and experience.
  • Retain our membership, as collectively we work towards delivering our major projects and any other activities the club chooses to be involved with.
  • By participating in the fellowship opportunities that membership of the Rotary Club of Tamworth offers.
  • By ensuring we continue to maintain a good balance between our support for our local community, and international programs and initiatives.
  • By working to continue enhancing our profile in the community (and more broadly within Rotary) by using all available means of publicising our events and activities.
  • By exploring and using all avenues of fundraising, including the sourcing of grants and sponsorships where appropriate.
  • By ensuring we fully document, and make readily available through our website and social media, all relevant information on each of our events, programs and activities for the club’s leadership succession and future planning.
  • By effectively managing our financial resources.

How will we know if we are getting there?

Stronger membership                                                 Numbers and % of attendance
Membership retention rates                                      % across a year
Club involvement in social media                              Monitoring of page activity
Promotion of local radio stations                               From time to time
Club goals and projects entered in Club Central       Monthly

Other Activities and Events

The major service projects, together with the club’s main social events, provide the framework for our Rotary year.

However, as a club, we encourage each of our members to consider a range of other events and activities during the year, taking into account of the need to balance our members’ Rotary activities with the busy lives everyone leads outside of Rotary.

Review of the Club’s Strategic Plan

It is intended the Club’s Strategic Plan be reviewed annually in August or at the visit of the District Governor to ensure the incoming elected board members have the opportunity to consider any changes for the following Rotary year.