Centurion and Paul Harris Society

Attached are three documents from PDG Maurie Stack and PDG
Neville Parsons for your information and discussion at Club or Board meetings.

18 January 2017
Dear Club President,

We are respectively the Centurion and Paul Harris Society representatives on the District Rotary Foundation Committee this year.
We are keen to encourage every member of your club to consider becoming a Centurion member of the Rotary Foundation this year, which is of course the Centenary year since the Foundation was formed in 1917.
What they need to do is to commit to contributing US$100 per year to the Foundation. As the exchange rate is continually moving, in order to keep this simple, we as a District will recognise A$120 per annum as the amount required i.e.A$10 per month.
We would also ask that some of your members consider becoming Paul Harris Society members. That involves a contribution of US$1,000 per annum or, in practical terms A$100 per month.
Obviously we recognise that the financial position of Rotarians varies widely but statistics indicate that the average Australian supports three charities in the course of the year. We are encouraging Rotarians in our District to consider making the Rotary Foundation one of their charities.
Much as we would love to visit every club in the District to promote this cause, it isn’t practicable. Can you help us by:

  1. Selecting a club meeting to promote Centurion and Paul Harris Society Membership.
  2. Asking your club Foundation Officer – or if you don’t have one perhaps you could handle this yourself – to present the enclosed PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Printing enough copies of the enclosed Contribution Form so that one can be distributed to each member of your club. In addition – but not instead – perhaps a copy could be emailed with the dinner notice. Ideally have a pile of pens or pencils available.
  4. Giving your members 5 minutes at the end of the presentation to consider becoming Centurion or Paul Harris Society Members and if so to complete the enclosed form. Tell them to ignore the club number and their personal member ID if they don’t know it.
  5. If they do want to join, ask them to commit to A$10 per month, $100 per month or whatever they can afford. Point out that it is tax-deductible.
  6. Could your club send the completed forms to the Rotary Foundation at the address on the bottom of the form.
  7. Send Neville a list of those from your club who have committed to become Centurions so that he can arrange to provide you with the appropriate number of Centurion badges and Centurion member certificates. Neville’s email: nparsons@hccu.com.au.
  8. Give Maurie Stack a list of any who have agreed to become Paul Harris Society members for the same reason. Maurie’s email: maurie@stacklaw.com.au
  9. If any of your members are already making such a contribution (or more) annually to the Foundation, could you ask them to email us details so that I can add them to the District Register of Centurion and Paul Harris Society Members.

We draw to attention and that February 23 is the anniversary of the 1st meeting of Rotary in 1905.
Failing all else, that might be a good week for this purpose.

Best wishes   PDG Neville Parsons;     PDG Maurie Stack

Centurion Program

TARFT Contribution Form

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