ROTARY CLUB OF TAMWORTH Inc –  DISTRICT 9650 – CLUB 17944 –  Changeover –  Tuesday 24 June 2014

 Outgoing President 2013-2014 – John Nash

 Incoming President 2014-2015  – Max Hogg

 Some photos from a very successful and welcomed changeover night


Changeover Shirely Burke PHF Changeover PP John Nash PHF
Changeover Incoming President Max Changeover handover
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6.30pm Fellowship
7.00pm Call to Order
Rotary Grace
Loyal Toast
Michael de Groot – MC
Introduction of Guests & Apologies Paul Ying
Welcome & Toast to Guests and Visitors Wayne Woods
Response on behalf of Guests
AG Phillip Lyon
7.15pm Dinner
Toast to Rotary International PDG Ken Hall
Response PDG Harry Durey
Sweets and Coffee – Fellowship Interval
8.00pm            Call to Order Michael deGroot – MC
Tamworth Club Changeover
President’s report for Year 13/14
Presentation of Donations
Presentation of PHF and other Awards
President John Nash
Presentations  to Board Members President John Nash & Sue-Ellen
Induction of 2014/15President Max Hogg
President John Nash
Presentation to Past President John Nash
Incoming President Max Hogg
Barrie’s Brooch (Sue-Ellen to Claire)
PDG Barrie Titcume & Sue-Ellen
Introduction of 2014/15 Board Members President Max Hogg
Sergeant’s Item & Handover of Mace Keith Crapp & Faery Meyer

National Anthem & Fellowship

 Rotary Grace                         O Lord and giver of all Good,  We thank you for our daily food
May Rotary Friends and Rotary ways help us to serve you all our days

 Rotary Club of Tamworth 2014 Changeover Dinner


What a great honour to serve my community as President of the Tamworth Rotary Club of District 9650. I was indeed humbled by your confidence in me Paul and Ken, and I thank my Board for your assistance given throughout my term. I have learned a lot and have more confidence in my ability to lead a strong team of trusted fellows. I enjoy attending regular meetings for the 3 F’s and am always ready to help with our many projects.

I will highlight the achievements of the year while you can read the full reports from all the Directors in this Bulletin.

At the Club level:

Tamworth Rotary Club has long valued traditions spanning 81 years of Service to the Community. Fun, fellowship and funding are the 3 F’s of our Tamworth Rotary Club. I thank all members for their contribution to these edicts.

We have continued many of our long term projects which continue to provide a valuable service to the community and some activities raising much needed funds to improve life in our community. This year we are donating $50,000.00 to charities and projects.

What a great success we had for the inaugural Festival of Flight that was staged on 18-20 October, 2013. I was completely floored by thesupport given by our members and the volunteers, with a special thank you to the members of Rotary Club of Sunrise for responding to our call for assistance, also to Interact Club and my personal friends and family many of whom gave two whole days of their time. We had over 6,500 members of the public attend and were able to donate close to $6,000.00 to the Tamworth Aero Club with a similar amount to Rotary after expenses. A total of almost $46,000.00 was raised through gate entry. It was a great weekend and one that Tamworth Rotary should be very proud of.

Paul Cole was successful in obtaining our best ever venue for the Annual Book Sale. John Treloar donated the venue for the Book Sale this year and also donated 32 Trolleys from Sam’s Warehouse after the Sale. We grossed over $36,800.00 for our community and charities. Special Thanks to those who sorted the books regularly on a Wednesday morning throughout the year. Accolades are due to our regular day sorters and those members attending on Tuesday night and to Graham Carr who is within our ranks tonight. We also had our own EFTPOS which helped with sales. It is very easy to use and a boon to our club for our two major promotions. I have continued with eBay Book Sales and so far have raised $3,380.00 by this avenue.

Our asset base has greatly expanded this year and we purchased two massive banners, and had 32 shopping trolleys donated. We bought a 40 foot container and together with the other two smaller containers they have all been installed at Bryan Singh’s Depot on the Armidale Road, Tamworth. We will be sorting our books and records on site and will install solar lighting.

Our Club has run the Breakfast Café at Tamworth High School for the past 14 years. We continued to provide a nutritious breakfast to students before school every morning. We often have over 30 students attend for breakfast.

Our tree planting is continuing at Tamworth High School for Youth Exchange with new plaques being erected near the trees.

Some of our community activities include the free BBQ for Bing Lee and last week we erected our own Rotary Tent which contributed to far greater donations by the public – $150.00 was donated. We have now purchased another Rotary tent and funding is in place to purchase our very own BBQ trailer in the coming months. .

This year we purchased 2 Dream Cricket sets for donation to two local Schools. This project is one of the most enjoyable ones that I have had the pleasure of being involved in and was promoted by Peter McCarthy. To see the happiness and enthusiasm by the participants as they enjoyed the Dream Cricket sets was a joy to behold. All Rotary Clubs in this area have become involved in this worthy project.

During the Book Sale Paul Ying and his team ran a very successful Bowelscan program which raised $6,600.00 from the sale of 550 kits.

Nazareth House Gardens are in the process of renovation. A water feature has been delivered and the contractor is rejuvenating the garden edging. We have $9,500.00 put aside for this project.

This year we achieved over 75% attendance. Thank you to those who attained 100% attendance, and most importantly it was because of our good entertaining, vocational visits and varied programs organised by the Program Chairman, Paul Cole.

Club membership has increased during the year. We have welcomed new members, Peter McCarthy, Faery Meyer and Viv Climas, three valued members of our team.

Paul Ying has worked tirelessly on graffiti removal throughout our city. A perfect example of Service above Self. We now have 3 more volunteers helping to remove what they have themselves created. Our thanks to the local constabulary.

We have enjoyed a wide variety of speakers and vocational visits throughout the year. We travelled to Bendemeer to transport a visiting group of 5 Rotarians from the Florida USA farming community and showed off our great city with visits to the Livestock Sale yards, Water Treatment Plant and irrigation, Nemingha Research Station and Farrer High School and Bede Burke’s Egg Farm. We then transported them to Nowendoc for changeover to Forster Rotary Club. We also hosted the Canadian Friendship Exchange.

Thanks to Paul Cole’s organizational skills, we were enlightened with speakers from Tamworth and from our own membership. We enjoyed fellowship at several evenings at members’ homes over the Christmas break. Thanks to Paul for making meetings enjoyable.

Our vocational visits included the Men’s Shed and Ronald MacDonald House.

At the National and at District level:

We supported numerous national medical research institutes and foundations, Kerry Anderson’s Butterfly Syndrome Project, the District Governor Partner’s project to raise funds for The Rotary Foundation, and the Polio Movie night.

The club participated in several youth programs through the District, such as the RYLA, and YEP and we supported 3 teams from Calrossy to attend MUNA.

Another regular project is the Annual TAFE Youth Encouragement Award which was presented to Joshua Solberg for 2014. Josh is studying to be a light automotive mechanic and is working as an apprentice at J T Fossey.

At the International level:

Five of our members attended the recent International Convention at Sydney which provided insight and learning into Rotaries many projects and organisation.

We supported The Rotary Foundation for its Polio Eradication Program, the Rotary Australian World Community Service (RAWCS), in particular it’s demanding Safe Water Save Lives (SWSL) Program, the Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC), Rangi and St Jude Schools.

In closing, I thank you all for your faith and trust shown to me during the year in giving an inexperienced Rotarian an opportunity to serve the Club as the 81st President. It has been a humbling and rewarding experience and one that I will always remember with gratitude.

A Leader is only as good as the team that supports them. The success of the year is due to all members who have played their part during the year. My hardworking Board members, in particular to my efficient Secretary Paul Ying who always kept me informed and to Treasurer Ken Hall who made sure every dollar was spent wisely.

The year has passed very quickly. We have achieved many great things in a fun environment but there is still more to do. Your support, encouragement and friendship has been invaluable and much appreciated.

Finally, please join with me in thanking my wife Sue-Ellen for her support, encouragement and contribution during the year. She was always there for advice and support.


Annual Book Sale –
This year’s annual book sale held at Sam’s Warehouse, Kable Ave, (compliments of the Treloar family, John Treloar) has grossed approx. $34,000, led by John Nash assisted by Faery Meyer, Steve Beaton, Max Hogg & Paul Ying.
There were also several members nights and days where other member assisted.
Once again this great club project included the annual mother’s day raffle along with sale of Bowelscan kits plus the sale of the many donated books.
Goodyear tyres once again , our major drop off and pick up point with Graham Carr delivering several loads of books to the Sam’s warehouse venue and also collecting the majority of books delivered at the other venues of The Chairman and Bing Lee, once again Graham’s support was outstanding.

The venue was our largest to date and we were fortunate to have over 30 trolleys also donated from the Treloar family, which made sorting a lot quicker and easier. This year we also hired approx. 100 tables from Tamworth Lions Club and with our own tables, we had over 225 tables of books.

This year we had our container moved from Service and Equipment (Gunnedah Rd), compliments of Parry’s Logistic to outside of Sam’s Warehouse. The location and car parks at Sam’s Warehouse contributed greatly to the success of the Sale. We have since had our 2nd container moved to the

Brian Singh yard on Armidale rd., along with the recently purchased 40 foot long container and also our empty book sale container; this will allow us to have our large container for sorting until excess books arrive.
We enjoyed a meal at the Good Companions Hotel and 2 meals on site with Chinese and pizza and lovely homemade sweets by Shirley Burke prior to the opening of the book sale, which ran for 10 days in May. Thanks must go to all those that assisted. Graham Carr, Greg Clarke, Bing Lee, Terry

Balla (from Goodyear Tyres).
Once again our president will allocate over $24,000 of this money for immediate distribution for local projects and assistance to Nazareth House, Ronald McDonald House and other worthwhile projects.

Again, no books were wasted with the left over’s to be sold the Community Store” in Nemingha.

Nazareth House Garden Project

Funds are now being spent with the purchase of a Garden feature, now on site and with planning underway with a professional landscaper. A committee of Steve Beaton, Bill Warburton, Ken Hall, John Nash & Shirley Bourke have this project well underway.

Bing Lee – Sausage Sizzle

The Rotary club has provided a sausage sizzle for the Bing Lee group to 2 Saturdays, with a $700 donation for each sizzle plus further $300-$400 for meat and bread.

Thanks go to those members that assisted, plus Thanks to 2TM for lending the portable BBQ trailer

Breakfast Cafe

Still held at Tamworth High School 5 mornings a week and still helping about 30 students daily.

Thanks to the committee of Ken & Di Hall, John Nash, Steve Beaton, Peter Godden, Peter McCarthy and other members.

This once again is a big commitment by these dedicated members we have also had some assistance from the Members of the Red Cross.


‎Recruiting and engaging new members into the Rotary Club of Tamworth is the responsibility of all members. Our Club continues to be a warm, lively and welcoming Club which has a lot to offer across its broad based membership mainly through its solid involvement in work with the local community.

In the 2013-4 year there were few inductions of new members. Of note, however, was Peter

McCarthy who formally joined us after supporting the club for some years. Peter has been a tremendous asset to the club, with great commitment to club activities. We are optimistic of further arrivals over the coming year.

The club has a membership of about 30 members, ranging in age from the mid-40s to the 80s. The attendance of members at club meetings and functions has been high. This speaks volumes of the commitment of members of the Rotary Club of Tamworth to the goals of Rotary and the public service projects in the local community. A number of members have had health issues that have caused their retirement from active attendance and service. However, these members contribute to the full range of our projects.

The club pull-up banner has been used at club meetings and functions such as the Book Sale.

Promotional materials such as the Book Sale bookmark were distributed to members of the public to recruit new members. Perhaps the next step is to print promotional brochures and utilise local media to distribute the brochures.

It was difficult to enlist the support of local print media to promote Rotary Club of Tamworth events.

Closer relations with the media and greater persistence in eliciting media attendance at club events and reporting on important club meeting speakers will undoubtedly promote the club within the community.

We also need to explore the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter in promoting the club as an active community service group that is committed to actively assisting the groups in the

Tamworth community.

Whilst the role of Membership Director has been a challenging year for myself, it has been an interesting and fulfilling experience and I would like to take this opportunity to thank President John

Nash, members of the Board and Club members generally. Without the support of everyone, it would have been impossible to fulfil the role of Membership Director in 2013-4.


International Friendship Exchange

We had a very successful Friendship Exchange recently from Canada who were billeted by various Tamworth clubs. On the evening of arrival they were hosted by Tamworth on Peel club at Calala. The following day was devoted to sightseeing with Ken Hall driving the T.H.S.  Bus. They were all most interested in the talk by Neville Sampson at the Botanical Gardens in the Aboriginal area.  They then visited the Endeavour Park and loved all the Australian animals and birds. That night they were entertained at Ken and Di Hall’s lovely home where they all enjoyed an Aussie BBQ.
They moved on the following morning to go to Narrabri.
The Indian tour was unsuccessful due to Visa problems and only one couple, Ramesh and Lalita Sharma, visited Port Macquarie and were met by members of our Club over there.

Rotary Foundation

            The club has made the usual contributions to the Rotary Foundation and Ken Hall, District Foundation Chair, has spoken to the club about our role within the Foundation and its operations and projects. The Club has supported the Foundation generously again during this year.


Youth services activities for the Tamworth Rotary Club in 2013-14 consisted of:

  • MUNA – 3 teams from Calrossy attended the Model United Nations Assembly at Inverell (16-18 May, 2014);
  • RYLA – Jess Fernando was sponsored by Tamworth RC at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards at Yarrahappini (near Nambucca Heads) 29th March to 5th April, 2014;
  • Interact – the Tamworth High School Interact Club helped Tamworth RC on two occasions in the past year. They helped at the gates during the Festival of Flight, and helped sort books for the 2014 Book Sale. As a result a donation was made by the Club to the Youth refuges in Tamworth of $1000 on the request of the Interact Club;
  • The Youth Encouragement Award was presented to Joshua Solberg, a mechanic apprentice with J T Fossey, at an award ceremony at Futures Restaurant (Tamworth TAFE) on 3rd June, 2014;
  • National Youth Science Forum. Tamworth RC received no applications in the past year but remains committed to the program;
  • International Youth Exchange. Tamworth RC had no exchange students in the current year but remains committed to the program.


2013/14 was a fairly quite year for vocational service with limited opportunities to undertake workplace visits. However, in light of that, other parts of the portfolio were pleasing and I will now cover those briefly.
We had a very successful Youth Encouragement Award presentation evening at TAFE during May 2014. The award this year went to a student who had overcome personal problems or hardship to undertake their chosen vocational study. As always, the awardee was nominated and selected by the staff of the TAFE based on established criteria set some 28 years ago in conjunction with our Club. This year the award was presented to Joshua Solberg who is an apprentice mechanic with J T Fossey. Well done to Joshua.
The Pride of Workmanship Awards has been the responsibility of another Rotary Club this year, and we will provide support and assistance when required.
During the year we had a great selection of guest speakers attend our meetings from various industry and businesses and I thank those from the programs group for organising those valuable and informative talks.
That’s all this year, and I now look forward to the challenge of having an exciting portfolio this upcoming year.

2013-14 Donation List

ROTARY CLUB OF TAMWORTH – 2013-14 Donation List
2YOU FM $               500.00
Australian Rotary Health (Hat Day) $               500.00
Beehive Group $               250.00
Careflight $               500.00
District 9650 Partner’s Project $           1,500.00
Festival of Flight $           5,987.15
Friends of Marsupial Park $               500.00
Tamworth Craft Centre $               250.00
Tamworth Mercy Centre $               250.00
Tamworth High School Exchange Garden plaques $           2,887.55
Legacy Tamworth $               500.00
Lifeline Tamworth $               500.00
VTT and Friendship exchanges $               584.92
Prostate Cancer Foundation $           1,000.00
Ronald McDonald House (Newcastle John Hunter) $               500.00
Ronald McDonald House (Tamworth) $               500.00
Rotary Australia World Community Service $               500.00
Rotary D9650 Disaster Relief Appeal ( Coonabarabran) $               385.90
Salvation Army $               500.00
School Presentations (Tamworth, Oxley, Somerton) $               400.00
Joint President’s initiatives $               312.00
Simply Stronger communities $               700.00
Senior Citizens Bus Trip $               600.00
Tamworth Community Men’s Shed (shelving) $               500.00
Tamworth Eisteddfod Society $               600.00
Tamworth High School (Breakfast Cafe) $               750.00
Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music foundation $           1,000.00
The Rotary Foundation $           4,000.00
The Rotary Foundation (Polio eradication) $           2,000.00
Westpac Rescue Helicopter $           1,500.00
Youth Encouragement Award (TAFE) $               720.00
Youth Programs (RYLA, MUNA, NYSF, GSE) $           3,780.00
Bowelscan $           6,612.00
Nazareth House Gardens redevelopment cf $           9,962.50
$         51,532.02


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